They march to demand the appearance alive of the disappeared in Mexico

Hundreds of people demonstrated this Tuesday in the streets of Mexico City to demand the presentation alive of the missing persons in the countryparticularly those who were imprisoned.

Within the framework of the International Week of the Detained and Disappeared, civil and family organizations gathered at the Angel of Independence to march in commemoration of all the people who are still not found in Mexico.

Among the groups that protested is the Network of Organizations which accompanies cases of disappeared persons in Mexico, which accused the Mexican government of minimizing the cases, which has resulted in many of these disappearances going unpunished.

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The demonstrators spoke out especially for the cases of Edmundo Reyes Amaya and Gabriel Cruz Sánchez, activists who disappeared on May 25, 2007 in the southern state of Oaxaca.

“Every year we promote these days of struggle in demand of the presentation alive of our disappeared compañeros”, said one of the protesters who led the march.

They assured that in this type of disappearances, where it is presumed that they occur due to the political militancy of these people, the three levels of Government generally participate, for which they urged the authorities to prevent this type of case from continuing to happen.

However, they recognized that after 16 years of struggle they have managed to “snatch” a victory from the Mexican State, after the August 10, 2022 Supreme Court of Justice of the Nation ruled that in cases of forced disappearance the amparo authorities can establish measures tending to achieve a comprehensive reparation of the damages.

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Photo: Twitter (@giseleando)

“It is a resolution that was not for political will but in endorsement of the 16 years of uninterrupted struggle that we have carried out”, they indicated.

“Because they were taken alive, we want them alive” and “Until I find them” were some of the slogans of the protesters, who marched to the Zócalo in Mexico City.

The protesters also asked for solidarity from the people of Mexico and to join this day “of struggle, of demand” to find alive all the disappeared in the country.

Mexico is currently experiencing a crisis of disappeared persons, where there are more than 112 thousand people not located and 52 thousand unidentified bodies.

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