Ebrard quit smoking for this reason |  World No Tobacco Day

The chancellor, Marcelo ebrardshared that it has been more than a decade since I stop smoking due to the health problems it caused.

under the World No Tobacco Daythe Secretary of Foreign Relations took the opportunity to recommend to his followers on social networks to avoid its consumption.

“I fI was a smoker, I quit smoking about 12 years ago. It took me a lot of work, tobacco is very addictive for managing anxiety, stress, (for) many reasons it becomes something you need every day.”

I was no longer able to perform daily activities

Ebrard Casaubón shared that he quit smoking because he was losing oxygenation and could no longer carry out daily activities.

“It’s not easy to quit, but it’s important because I realized that I was losing lung capacity, that is, oxygenation, I couldn’t do sports anymore, many things, that’s why I quit from one day to the next.”

Advise the young

The presidential candidate from Morena shared with the young population of the country recounting his experience with tobacco when he was in high school.

“For people, especially the younger ones, I remember that in high school they said ‘no smoking’ and everyone tried cigarettes everywhere, it was even a sign of being against the established order.”

“For the youngest or those who are interested in trying the cigar, my recommendation is that do not do it because it is extremely addictive and it does hurt you”.

173 die a day in Mexico from tobacco: López-Gatell

Tobacco is the most common legal drug in the world and is the leading preventable cause of death globally, warned the undersecretary for Prevention and Health Promotion, Hugo López-Gatell Ramírez.

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He warned during the morning press conference of President Andrés Manuel López Obrador that 16 million Mexicans consume these products. Of these, 1 million are between the ages of 10 and 19, he noted.

In the world there are 1,300 million consumers and in America 122 million, according to the professional’s data.

173 die a day in Mexico from tobacco: López-Gatell


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