Morena blocks period to appoint INAI commissioners

Morena and allies prevented the rapid convocation of an extraordinary session of the Senate of the Republic to appoint two commissioners of the National Institute of Transparency, Access to Information and Protection of Personal Data (INAI).

The opposition sought to declare the matter of urgent resolution, but the pro-government majority came together to send the matter to a work commission.

Previously, a court ordered Congress to call the extra period to make the appointment.

In a three-hour debate, with 42 speakers, legislators from Morena and allies affirmed that the Judiciary is meddling in the powers of Congress.

Legislators from Morena and PT also took the opportunity to affirm that the Supreme Court is working for the opposition.

On the other hand, opposition legislators demanded to make the appointments to break the paralysis in which the INAI finds itself.

They affirmed that the federal government is ‘afraid’ of transparency.

The decision was adopted with 20 votes against and 16 in favor.

Morena and allies postures*

-Gerardo Fernandez Noroña: The legislator considered that the Judiciary is meddling in legislative processes that are not within its competence. He said that the Court intends to “set itself up” above the Powers of the Union.

-Freyda Villagas (Brunette): The legislator regretted that the Judiciary is doing politics seeking to legislate. She said that the Judiciary cannot meddle in the functions of the Legislative Branch. She indicated that it is clear that the Judiciary seeks to usurp functions.

-Arnulfo Cravioto (Morena): He affirmed that the coordinator of the PAN in the Senate of the Republic tried to violate the process for the election of INAI directors and has not acted under the same conditions on more than one hundred pending appointments in the Senate of the Republic. He pointed out that the best profiles of the shortlists should be insulated. He said that the majority will not accept that a judge snaps their finger.

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Opposition positions*

-Kenya Lopez (PAN): He said that Mexicans support the Supreme Court and with this, the demand of the people to respect the SCJN must be observed… He reproached the -government- in Congress for its rejection of INAI; and recalled its operation and obligation in terms of transparency.

-Marcelino Castañeda (PRD): The legislator questioned the ‘fear’ of the majority in Congress to integrate the INAI commissioners. He mentioned that transparency is the concern of the parliamentary majority group, since the misuse of public resources will be exposed.

-Jorge Triana (PAN): From the rostrum the legislator regretted that the majority bloc seeks to delay the appointments of the INAI commissioners. He pointed out that the Judicial Branch has every right to urge the Legislative Branch to carry out its work. He asserted that there is no excess of powers on the part of the Judiciary.

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