Ricardo Martinelli is accused of money laundering |  Panama

Panamanian prosecutor Emeldo Márquez requested that the “maximum penalty” be applied against former President Ricardo Martinelli and 12 other alleged perpetrators of the crime of money laundering.

During his appearance before Judge Boloísa Marquínez, prosecutor Márquez argued that former President Martinelli and the rest of the defendants would have been responsible for a “continuing crime.”

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For the prosecutor, Martinelli is “the author of the crime of money laundering because he deposited and transferred money personally and through an intermediary” to a bank account under investigation.

For his part, the former president has used his official profile on the social network Twitter to denounce being the victim of a “rigged political trial” and in which the Prosecutor’s Office is presenting “false” allegations.

what balls In this rigged political trial, the prosecution took a day and a half to make their false allegations, but the unjustly accused are only given 1 hour with a watch in hand. Everything is by order of Pillin.

On his Twitter, the former president said that Panama is in a “wild state.”

The violation of the right of a person in this savage state, called Panama, becomes the future violation of all, including the violators whose posts are not eternal.

Martinelli is accused of the purchase of Editorial Panamá América (Epasa) with public funds in the ‘New Business’ case. (Europe Press).


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