César Duarte will remain in prison for at least another 6 months

The precautionary measure of preventive detention against former Governor César Duarte Jáquez has been in place since June 2, 2022.

The former president requests to release the process from which he is indicated by the crimes of embezzlement for 96.6 million pesos, and criminal association.

On the other hand, the governor explained during the hearing that there was a plan to kill him in the Cereso de Chihuahua.

The PRI member assured that if he did not appear in 2017 for the “political persecution of Javier Corral”, it is because it has elements that it will soon make public, “in which they had me prepared to kill me”points out.

He also accused during the hearing that they have lied to him in the process, and that for this reason, according to him, They do not want to go to trial “because they know perfectly well that the accusations are unsustainable”he claimed.

Despite the fact that Duarte reiterated that he has no intention of fleeing the country, the judge ordered preventive detention against the former president, that is, that the legal situation of César Duarte will be defined in December.

(With information from Reformation and The Universal)


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