Former head of Diconsa in Guanajuato is prosecuted for the Segalmex case

The former director Marketing of Mexican Food Safety (Segalmex), Manuel Lozano Jiménez, was arrested in Buenos Aires, Argentinaa few days ago, reported The country.

The Spanish newspaper pointed out that the former Mexican official Ezeiza International Airport was stoppedin Buenos Aires, on May 28.

In accordance with The country, Lozano Jiménez, 80 years old, was captured by the National Directorate of Migrations where he appeared at the airport migration desk so that They will stamp your passport and allow you to enter Argentina.

The apprehended person faces charges for organized crime, operations with resources of illicit origin and embezzlement, according to the Attorney General’s Office (FGR).

Manuel Lozano is related to a million-dollar embezzlement of which the FGR was aware, an instance that pointed to 22 people involved, of which 12 were public servantsfour belong to the companies that participated in the fraud, and six were the beneficiaries of the resources that were diverted.

a federal judge issued preventive detention against three former officials of the parastatal Segalmex, Jesús Oscar Navarro Gárate, former director of Administration and Finance at Segalmex; Carlos Norberto Valero Flores, former deputy director of quality assurance at Liconsa; and Enrique Zamorano Solís, deputy tax manager at Liconsa.

The fourth defendant is Édgar Alejandro Armenta Peralta, partner and legal representative of the company Grupo Vicente Suárez 73 SA de CV that would have received the 400 million pesos for services to process milk, a product that was never delivered.

As has happened in other cases of alleged corruption, the Prosecutor’s Office considered that deals with simulated operations and contracts.

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In August 2020, MCCI released the cronyism networks that led Grupo Vicente Suárez to sign these multimillion-dollar agreements with the agency. Ignacio Ovalle, director of the government agency, was president of Fundación México con Valores, an organization of Movimiento Ciudadano, a party for which Puente Córdoba was a multi-member candidate for the Senate in 2012.

Those in charge of signing these agreements? Manuel Lozano Jiménez and René Gavira Segreste, Director of Administration of Segalmex.

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