It is urgent to institutionalize safe abortion in Oaxaca;  only 7 clinics practice it

The legal interruption of pregnancy in Oaxaca up to 12 weeks became Law in 2019, however, only seven clinics out of the 570 municipalities that the state has practice it, so collectives said that institutionalization that includes inputs, budget and a decent service is urgent women to exercise this right.

Gathered within the framework of the campaign “In Oaxaca, you have the right to safe abortion”, the collectives integrated by the Inter-Institutional Network for the Prevention and Attention to cases of Family and Sexual Violence made up of social organizations and counselors of the Isthmus and IPAS Latin America and the Caribe announced a fair this Saturday at the facilities of the Juchitán School Center.

The fair seeks to bring women and people with the capacity to gestate from the Isthmus of Tehuantepec information about the decriminalization of abortion and about sexual and reproductive health.

“Knowledge about this right it has not reached all women and people with the capacity to gestate of the state territories due to the lack of dissemination of this right”, said Natalia Santiago, Guendaracane project coordinator.

They pointed out that the seven clinics where legal termination of pregnancy is practiced are: Aurelio Valdivieso Hospital, Women’s Clinic, Health Center in San Jacinto Amilpas, Health Center in Tlalixtac de Cabrera, Basic Community Hospital of Tapanatepec and the General Hospital of San Juan Bautista Tuxtepec.

The activists agreed that it is necessary to influence public policy, but also it is important to take indigenous women into accountwho many times after the stigma, poverty and lack of knowledge are unaware that they have the right to decide on their body.

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The fair is part of the state campaign “In Oaxaca you have the right to safe abortion” which started last year in the Central Valleys region.

“It is time for Oaxacan women to have sufficient and quality information to be able to exercise their reproductive autonomydecide about their bodies and make informed and free decisions,” added Laura Andrade, Deputy Director of Communication at Ipas Latin America and the Caribbean (Ipas LAC).

Women continue to ignore their right to decide

Oaxacan women have a high level of ignorance about the legislation, medium or low levels of information about this right, and are unaware of the use of medications as a safe method, according to a study carried out by Ipas Latin America and the Caribbean (Ipas LAC).

According to the Oaxaca Health Services, the entity annually records an average of 2,300 clandestine abortionsalthough it is estimated that for every registered abortion there are four that are not, which is equivalent to an approximate figure of 9,200 clandestine abortions.

These data were presented by the Center for Women’s Studies and Gender Parity of the local Congress in your Information Folder on the Legal Interruption of Pregnancy.

It also notes that, from September 25, 2019 to June 2020, Only 1,879 abortions were performed in SSO clinics and hospitalswithout specifying whether they are voluntary procedures or for medical reasons, while the “Presidente Juárez” Regional Hospital registered 76 abortions, all for medical reasons.

Regarding deaths from abortion, before decriminalization, between 2002 and 2019, 59 abortion-related deaths were recorded in women of all ageswhich indicates that three women died from a malpractice of abortion.

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Oaxacan women have three options to terminate their pregnancy, the first is Go to one of the 7 authorized clinicsthe second, ask for accompaniment to the networks of defenders and collective, and the third, in a self-managing the procedure through drugs.

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