'The Winchesters'

Very bad news for fans of ‘The Winchesters’. The ‘Supernatural’ prequel was canceled by The CW a few weeks ago and with only one season aired. Despite coming from one of the most successful series on the network, the channel recently had new owners, who are gradually getting rid of fictional content to give priority to cheaper programs and reality television.

Jensen Ackles, executive producer of the series and narrator, recovering his character from ‘Supernatural’, started the #SaveTheWinchesters campaign to find a new home on another network or streaming platform. Warner Bros. Television also made efforts to get a second chance.

However, as reported Deadlineneither the campaign nor the search efforts have borne fruit and ‘The Winchesters’ hasn’t gotten a second season anywhere. Not even on Max, a streaming platform owned by Warner.

In addition to the CW’s change in strategy, ‘Los Winchesters’ had a much more discreet run in audience than the original series, being the sixth series in audience for the channel. Despite this, the team claimed to have many ideas for the future that would surprise fans of ‘Supernatural’.

Still in limbo…

At the moment there are only three CW series that still do not know what will become of them: ‘Superman & Lois’, ‘All American: Homecoming’ and ‘Gotham Knights’. The first two seem to have the most promising future, but nothing is certain yet.

The first and only season of ‘Los Winchesters’ can be seen in Spain through HBO Max.

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