US involved in the case of young people who disappeared from the 'call center' in Zapopan: Alfaro

The Governor of Jalisco, Enrique Alfaroreported that in the case of eight young people disappeared from a call center from Zapopan is being investigated by the State Attorney’s Office, the federal government and the United States government.

“There is communication with the federal government and also with authorities in the United States because it is an issue that has to do with investigations that are also being carried out there (…) it is an issue that clearly involves organized crime.”

Alfaro Ramírez said that the involvement of the US is due to the fact that citizens of that country are involved in issues of extortion and real estate fraud, although he did not detail the US agencies that collaborate in the case.

The state president pointed out that It was not a call center formally established where the eight missing youths worked and that the activities that took place in the two searched and insured homes will be investigated.

“What was happening in these places has to be investigated, we have a lot of information that makes us think that it was not a call centerThey were other types of activities.”

He considered that this Friday the search and extraction of human bodies in the Tempisque area, in Zapopan, could end.

“These are areas that are very difficult to access and we hope today to confirm that the area is fully combed, that no bag will remain without being able to be checked.”

Characteristics between the disappeared and the remains of the Mirador coincide

The Jalisco State Prosecutor’s Office announced that the characteristics of some of the eight young people who disappeared in Zapopan coincide with the remains found in bags in the Mirador Escondido neighborhood, but confirmation of the genetic expertise is awaited.

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Through a statement, the institution announced that it held a working group with relatives of the disappeared persons to update them on the progress of the investigation.

“In a preliminary information exchange, they coincided with the physical characteristics of some of the young people who are being sought, which was made known to the relatives and we will be waiting for the Jalisco Institute of Forensic Sciences to issue the corresponding opinions that confirm us. the identity of the bodies.

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