Videos |  'It's raining' elephants in Brooklyn's Dumbo neighborhood

A “rain” of parachute toy elephants fell from the roof of a picturesque street in the neighborhood of Dumbo, in Brooklyn (NY).

The objective of this curious tradition is to raise funds for two schools.

A crowd gathered several hours before the appointment on Washington Street, which is usually always full of tourists taking photos, to have fun in what is known as a “block party”, a street party with live music, food and activities for girls and boys.

After a countdown and with the background percussion of a local band, the elephants began to parachute from the rooftops, to the delight of those who were gathered in the street and leaning out of the windows of the buildings. iconic red brick buildings.

Curious tradition seeks to help schools

The participants could do donations for two schools, PS307 Elementary School and The Dock Street Middle School, which serve students from low-income families so they can have free after-school programming, according to the Web of the event.

In exchange for helping students, participants who landed their flying elephants on a “bullseye” could win prizes offered by various local businesses, from a hotel stay up to dinner or a subscription to a gym. (EFE)

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