'Wild bull'

No one in the history of cinema has reflected defeat in such a poetic, raw and savage way as Martin Scorsese did with the monumental ‘Raging Bull’, one of the indisputable peaks of his career. Shot in a black and white that gives a greater classicism to a story of ambitious losers and vice versa, the director hypnotizes from some unforgettable opening credits that remain forever in the memory.

From there, fights directed with a unique mastery, a true steel script, a bombproof dramatic solvency and a central performance by Robert De Niro absolutely fascinating as Jake LaMotta. A full-fledged cinematographic KO to which one never tires of returning.

Verses flush with the canvas, reflections that annihilate, falls without revenge, opera of gloves and sweat. Cinematographic greatness in permanent movement. Wisdom, intelligence, nerve, emotion, finesse and drive. ‘Raging Bull’ is simply one of the best movies of all time.


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