Edomex: Governors of Morena congratulate Delfina Gómez

Governors of Morena extraction congratulated their party’s candidate in the Juntos Hacemos Historia (MORENA-PT-PVEM) alliance, Delfina Gómez, for the presumed victory given by the quick count estimates for the governorship of the State of Mexico.

The governor of Puebla, Sergio Salomón, affirmed that with this victory, Delfina Gómez joins the national project of López Obrador.

“The #FourthTransformation arrives at #Edomex and that is cause for great celebration for all of us who believe in the Nation Project headed by the President @lopezobrador_. Congratulations to @delfinagomeza and the great team of @PartidoMorenaMx.”

The president of Tlaxcala, Lorena Cuéllar also congratulated the candidate.

“Congratulations Delfina!! A great triumph for the cause in which we are active, very great and good news for Mexico, the 4th Transformation reaches the State under your leadership! Hug !!!”.

The governor of Oaxaca, Salomón Jara Cruz affirmed that this possible victory consolidates the political movement where they are active.

“We congratulate the teacher @delfinagomeza for her resounding victory in the State of Mexico. Her victory represents a great step in the consolidation of our movement. Today ends a chapter in the history of Mexico and 100 years of corruption. The transformation begins! Oaxaca and #Edomex are united by the same well-being destination for the people.”

Likewise, the governor of Michoacán, Alfredo Ramírez Bedolla joined in the congratulations.

“The people decided! Congratulations to Maestra Delfina Gómez (@delfinagomeza) for her historic victory in the election for governor of the State of Mexico. We will be very attentive to work hand in hand, with great enthusiasm and full coordination for the well-being and development of our states. #HonestyandWork”

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Evelyn Salgado Pineda from Guerrero highlighted the candidate’s condition as a woman, to lead the State of Mexico as governor.

“I congratulate our colleague @delfinagomeza, who according to the trends will become the next governor of the State of Mexico, where as of today a new history begins to be built, full of hope and well-being for the Mexican people. The transformation of #Mexico continues to advance hand in hand with women, congratulations!”

Similarly, Governor Marina del Pilar of Baja California congratulated the Mexican teacher.

“4T arrived in the State of Mexico! Congratulations to our colleague @delfinagomeza for her triumph in the election of the State of Mexico, defeating a regime that for decades did a lot of damage to this noble Entity; Today begins a new phase that will contribute to the well-being of the mexiquenses Let the Transformation continue!”

Cuitláhuac García, governor of Veracruz, welcomed the candidate of his party, to the group of Cuatrotheist leaders.

“Welcome teacher Delfina Gómez to the 4T governorships. Congratulations to the brave people who knew how to impose democracy with the vote (at least 17% advantage). The 4T will govern EdoMex, CdMx and Veracruz, the most populous in the country and 20 other states… 2024 will be 4T without a doubt”.

The governor of Morelos, Cuauhtémoc Blanco, joined in congratulating the candidate and the Mexican people.

“The people of the State of Mexico have chosen the project headed by teacher @delfinagomeza for the next six-year term; Congratulations to her and her work team for the responsibility they are taking on today. Congratulations for democracy and for the citizens who have given their trust to the 4T.”

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For the Sinaloa governor, Rubén Rocha Moya, Delfina Gómez’s convictions will consolidate the transformation of the State of Mexico.

“My dear teacher @delfinagomeza, I congratulate you for winning the #EdoMex governorship. Your experience and firm conviction to consolidate the transformation in Mexico will benefit all Mexicans. I send you a big hug from Sinaloa.”

The president of Quintana Roo, Layda Sansores, also sent a recognition to Delfina Gómez for joining as the 22nd governor of the so-called Fourth Transformation.

“The 4T is consolidated in the 22nd state. Today the people of Mexico have shown that they are fed up with corruption and ready for a transforming government, supportive and truly concerned about those who need it most. Congratulations, dear @delfinagomeza!”


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