Guadiana accuses "State election" in Coahuila

The Morena candidate for the government of Coahuila, Armando Guadiana, accused that in Coahuila there was a “State election,” since the state government operated illegal arrests to favor the PRI candidate, Manolo Jiménez.

The candidate also admitted that for now the trends of the PREP results do not favor him.

At a press conference, the Morenista pointed out that the state government made arrests of Morena operators in the entity, without justifying the cause or only because they were driving vehicles with license plates from other states.

“A state election and we hold Governor Miguel Riquelme responsible. We will respect the law. The PRI candidate has a big advantage, but how bad everything they did to inhibit the vote, ”he accused.

Minutes before, Manolo Jimenezthe PRI, PAN and PRD candidate, thanked his electoral teams.

“We built a great invincible citizen front. This campaign became the meeting point for all Coahuilenses who want to do good things for our state”, declared the PRI member.

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