Guadiana will return to its companies after losing Coahuila

Morena’s candidate for governor of Coahuila, Armando Guadiana Tijerina announced that after this electoral defeat he will return to work in his mining companies.

“I will work within the companies of which I am also active, and we are going to get ahead, nothing intimidates me, and I tell you with all frankness, I feel more than completely satisfied with the work we did, with the team, with the people and what we have done, because we gave everything we could”.

Likewise, when questioned by the media, he stressed that he would not seek to advise Manolo Jiménez, the apparent winner of the PRI gubernatorial race, after pointing out various pending actions for his state.

“Maybe I can, but as well as to work in an executive matter, it’s not that I don’t want to, or reject it, it’s not because of that, but because I have many things to do in Morena; I have other projects”.

Guadiana Tijerina also mentioned that she still does not know if she will return to the Senate of the Republic, in addition to what she could travel to Spain in the next few days.

“I’m going to think about it, for now I’m going to take a little vacation and I want to go see some bulls there in Spain.”

At the press conference, he also announced that during the electoral process, Morenista leaders, supporters, or collaborators of his were intimidated —even together with Mario Delgado, after dinner— people with tattoos and suspicious attitudes, who were apparently traveling in official vehicles.

Guadiana thanked his campaign team and recognized their work and effort to achieve the results that, although they did not favor him, were arduous.

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The applicant mentioned that he will not challenge the election since he recognized the difference in percentage points against Manolo Jiménez, they are wide and do not favor him.

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