'It's time for revenge': Rauw Alejandro imitates Rosalía |  Video

Puerto Rican singer Rauw Alejandro imitated the routines and way of speaking of his partner, Rosalíain a video that has gone viral and with which she responds to a similar one starring the Spanish artist a month ago.

“It’s revenge time, I love you”, wrote the author of the album “Saturno” next to the video, published in the last hours on his TikTok account.

Wearing a long black wig, the Puerto Rican begins by greeting his followers with a “Good morning, motobabies, what a beautiful morning.”

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Next, he brushes his teeth and face, shows his “little breakfast”, says that he gives Rauw “lots of kisses” so that he gets up and He goes to the gym to exercise.

Some of Rosalía’s phrases that her fiancé uses in the video are “take what you take”, “olé” and “fuck man, what are you looking at, privacy, host”the latter with a marked Spanish accent.

It also ensures that the Spanish woman always forgets her cell phone, with a funny parody in which she begins to take dozens of things, including avocados and mayonnaise, out of her bag to look for it.

“A motomami always has to be prepared”says the Puerto Rican singer, alluding to Rosalía’s famous album released last year.

This is how Rauw Alejandro responded to the video released by Rosalía at the beginning of May in which imitated Puerto Rican slang phrases and the customs of your partner.

The artists surprised their followers last March when engaged in marriagesomething they revealed at the end of the music video “Beso”, one of the songs made together.

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Photo via Instagram | @rosalia.vt


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