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The number of celebrities who show the actual texture of your skin in their respective social networks is increasing. Lily Collins, Heidi Klum, Lindsay Lohan and Zendaya have been some of the well-known faces that have posed with a clean face, making it clear that we do not always have flawless skin and that redness, pimples or spots they are something completely normal (it never hurts to remember it). One of the ‘celebrities’ that usually appears without a drop of makeup on Instagram is Jennifer Aniston and once again he has shown us a snapshot of this style.

The Instagram profile of the ‘Friends’ actress is characterized by being full of content showing herself natural and this is not the first time and probably not the last time that she has published a photo without filters and without makeup. The last image in which she shows the real texture of her skin is from a few years ago, since in it she appears hugging her dog Dolly who passed away in 2019, although we could think that it is from right now because the actress takes care of her skin at the same time. perfection.

In the photo we can see some small wrinkles on Jen’s forehead that are totally normal for her age (she is currently 54 years old). The ‘celebrity’ has explained on several occasions the facial care routine that she performs to maintain hydrated and cared for skin, in addition to commenting on a beauty tip in the funniest way. Without forgetting that among the care that Jennifer Aniston follows, sport is of great importance.

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We can’t wait to see who’s the next celebrity to join the barefaced trend.

Gema López is a news, fashion and beauty editor. She has a degree in Journalism and Audiovisual Communication from the URJC, she opted for these degrees out of vocation and cannot imagine working in something that is not related to storytelling. She hates cheese, although she could eat potatoes – in any form – for all the days of her life. She loves lipstick, but make it permanent, please her, because so far she hasn’t achieved one of her challenges: stop biting her nails.


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