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Thirteen years have passed since the premiere of the last feature film by the master of horror John Carpenter, ‘Locked up’ (‘The Ward’, starring Amber Heard). Focused since then on his musical career (we remember his anthological concert in Sitges in 2018 with nostalgia), the only thing he has directed in the last decade are some of his own video clips.

But this weekend, by surprise, the filmmaker has revealed that he’s directed something more substantial, and he didn’t even have to leave his house to do it!

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During a panel at the Texas Frightmare Weekend convention, Carpenter announced that “I just finished directing, remotely, a television series called ‘John Carpenter’s Suburban Screams’. It was shot in Prague, but I sat on my couch and directed it from there. It’s been amazing.”

Details about ‘Suburban Screams’ are scant, if not nonexistent. The only thing that could be confirmed (via Prague Reporter) is that a project with that title “was officially registered with the Czech Film Fund when registrations reopened in March. It was presented by Milk and Honey Pictures. Milk and Honey Pictures is in charge of the Prague production of the Apple TV+ series ‘Foundation’ and recently also the Netflix horror series ‘Haunted’.”

The Czech media continues to speculate that the program could have been filmed “in the spacious Prague Studios in Letňanywhich is co-owned by Milk & Honey Pictures and has also served as the production studio for the aforementioned series.”

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The director of horror film classics such as ‘Halloween night’, ‘In the mouth of fear’ or ‘The fog’ is currently working on a new album in his ‘Lost Themes’ series., recovering the music of his least remembered soundtracks. It is rumored that, in addition, could be involved as a producer and/or consultant on a follow-up to his classic 1982 sci-fi horror film ‘The Thing’just as he did with the new ‘Halloween’ trilogy in which Laurie Strode (Jamie Lee Curtis) and the iconic Michael Myers faced each other for the last (?) time.

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Fran is an expert in film and series, specializing in cultural outreach and film criticism. Although his favorite genre is horror, it speaks to you of the new blockbuster of Marvel’s UCM as well as of an auteur film to be claimed from the festival circuit.

There is no Netflix, HBO Max, Amazon Prime Video or Disney+ series that escapes his radar, delving into the catalog of each platform to recommend and analyze its best content.

Fran has been writing for Fotogramas for more than a year, but her beginnings go back almost two decades in film forums and blogs such as Planeta Claqueta or Moviementarios. He was a founder and part of the board of directors of the digital publication of film criticism and analysis Revista Mutaciones and a member of the Association of Cinematographic Informants of Spain (AICE), the organization that awards the Feroz Awards, as well as a voter for the Blogos de Oro al indie movies.

After completing the Master’s Degree in Film Criticism at the Madrid Film School (ECAM) taught by Caimán Cuadernos de Cine, he has collaborated and/or covered film festivals such as San Sebastián, Sitges and Filmadrid as a specialized press for more than 10 years. along the way, interviewing relevant directors, actors and actresses from the national industry such as Penélope Cruz, Carlos Saura, Ana de Armas, José Luis Cuerda or José Sacristán and international ones such as James Wan, Edgar Wright or Dario Argento.

His knowledge and experience have led him to be a film video blogger for Fnac Spain and director and presenter of the Holocausto Zinéfago podcast, with more than 150 programs broadcast in which cinema and humor are mixed from a unique and original point of view.

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