the invisible

SkyShowtime bets on visibility with ‘Las invisibles’, his new Spanish production, available from this June 5th. Created by Héctor Lozano (‘Merlí’, ‘Bojos por Molière’), the fiction is committed to having protagonists a group of waitresses from a luxurious hotel, with middle-aged women as main characters. A series that combines comedy, drama and social denunciation. “It is good that the industry diversifies more and touches on different topics and groups,” defends María Pujalte.

‘The invisibles’ revolves around a group of maids who clean the rooms of a luxury hotel in the Mediterranean, while trying to restructure their own lives. The story portrays the reality of women who struggle to earn a living but who always have a moment to smile. This moving series, made up of eight episodes, offers a great dose of optimism, in a world where the little pleasures of life come together and the ability to overcome, dignity, love and musical reverie.

It is a series with which your heart shrinks. It has very emotional moments, in which you are on the verge of tears. There is also room for situations with which to laugh out loud. In that sense, it is a reflection of life itself. There are days when you are better and others when you are worse. There are moments when you are living a drama inside, but you have to put a smile on the outside”, shares Lolita Flores in an interview with eCartelera in Madrid.

“Yes, it is life itself. People who are in precarious jobs and with very high job demands have complicated lives, it is not easy. Despite this, they seek their moments of relaxation. To be a fighter and move forward, you also have to have a lot of humor. Humor is a great tool to overcome problems; take iron away from dislikes, to loosen up. Even if it is, to make it through the day, have a few jokes. It is life itself, in that sense,” adds María Pujalte.

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“We will shoot the new ‘Los misterios de Laura’ in September”

‘The invisibles’ also has middle-aged women as protagonists, Isabel and Espe, two veterans with whom a group is made visible, that of hotel maids, whose employment situation is precarious. “It’s wonderful that different ages and situations are addressed. Fiction is experiencing a great change. We have taken ‘Las invisibles’ with great enthusiasm and we have defended it to the death”, argues Pujalte.

the invisible

The series created by Héctor Lozano is also the return of Lolita Flores to a television series as the protagonist. “I am very happy, I have resumed it with great enthusiasm. I did it with great enthusiasm and happy to coincide with María [Pujalte]with Yaël [Belicha] and the other companions. They were three fabulous months of shooting. I am more than grateful to the production team, direction, makeup, hairdressing, wardrobe. I just feel pure gratitude. I was crazy to come back and I have returned with a character that is a real sweet“, share.

About the two new special episodes of ‘Los misterios de Laura’, María Pujalte reveals that the first of them will be filmed in September. “Yes, we are going to shoot this September and there we go,” she confesses. A fiction that, precisely, has had among its virtues having stellar appearances by actors in the form of suspects. “A lot of classmates have gone through the series,” she adds. “Well! I haven’t gone through it yet,” added Lolita. “Well, something can be done,” Pujalte replies between laughs.

Created by Héctor Lozano, who signs the scripts together with Eva Baeza and directed by Menna Fité (‘Merlí: Sapere Aude’), ‘Las invisibles’ stars María Pujalte, Lolita Flores, Yoshira Escárrega, Paula del Río, Yaël Belicha and Elena Irureta, Oriol Tarrasón, Eva Martín, Manu Fullola, Alfonso Lara and Angie Savall complete the cast. A Paramount and Morena Films production. Its eight episodes are available on the SkyShowtime platform from this June 5.

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