They demand that AMLO abandon the military;  They take to the streets to defend them;  and more |  National headlines 03/13/2023

These are the outstanding news for this Monday, June 5, 2023 in the main newspapers with national circulation:

Delfina Gómez wins with breadth; abstention was 50%. Morena obtains her governorship 23; they ask opponents to evaluate failure.

Edomex: end of the Atlacomulco group; Delfina wins

Few anomalies in the contests of the two states

Morena snatches Edomex and PRI keeps Coahuila

Delfina Gómez ends 100 years of PRI domination; Alejandra del Moral accepts defeat

Edomex retires PRI and PAN; Coahuila resists Morena

Delfina Gómez takes advantage of almost 10% over Alejandra del Moral, who comes out to “accept defeat as a democrat”; Manolo Jiménez sweeps Armando Guadiana and company with a difference of 36 points

They snatch a stronghold from the PRI

Morena ends 94 years of tricolor dominance in EdoMex. The quick count gave Delfina Gómez a nine-point advantage over Alejandra del Moral, who last night acknowledged her defeat.

Delfina and Manolo win by wide margins

Alternation. Morena ends with 94 years in Edomex of the PRI, which Coahuila retains

Debt repayment was 30% higher than infrastructure spending

In January-April spending increased 53.2%; that of works only 4.5%

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