Oscar Isaac and Pedro Pascal

‘Spider-Man: Crossing the Multiverse’ is already in theaters and, with the animated sequel sweeping the box office, many are already thinking about the future of the franchise and its infinite possibilities.

Oscar Isaac voices Miguel O’Hara, better known as Spider-Man 2099, and after participating in the first two films, he has a very specific idea of ​​how to delve deeper into the phenomenon. And it is an idea that many people will like. The Guatemalan sees his friend and partner Pedro Pascal as a great signing for the future of the Spider-Verse.

In an interview for GQ in UKIsaac showed his desire that his arachnid character have a new partner who is played by the Chilean actorto whom he has been linked by a deep friendship for a long time.

Isaac has praised the film’s casting for being so“brilliant at finding the right person for the best character” but still insists finding a new Spider-Man for Pedro on his own: “Let’s find someone for him. He should be a grumpy old Spider-Person.” Being one of the men of the moment, Pedro Pascal could swap out his already iconic red Met Gala suit for a tighter one, accompanying Miguel through the adventures of the Multiverse.

During the same interview, Isaac commented his experience playing the role of O’Hara and how much he took an interest in the character. “He has a very particular and unique quality, but there are a lot of things about him that are very surprising and make him very attractive.”

In addition, he also referenced the work that took place after building your character and his work in terms of acting. “It includes a lot of collaboration because it’s your voice, with the animators, the design… all these things come together to create the character,” explains the actor. “There’s something really nice about putting it all together and adding an element and seeing how it all evolves. It’s beautiful work.”

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An elite cast

We don’t know if Pascal will end up fulfilling Isaac’s (and many fans’) wishes by joining the Spider-Verse in the future, but for now it will not be by distribution of known names. In addition to Shameik Moore and Hailee Steinfeld voicing Miles Morales and Gwen Stacy, the Spider-Verse saga features an all-star voice cast including Daniel Kaluuya, Issa Rae, Brian Tyree Henry, Kathryn Hahn and Mahershala. Ali, among many others.

As the future is being decided in the upper echelons of Sony and Marvel, we we will continue to enjoy the Multiverseand in case it does not happen, we will always have to think that in some other alternate universe, there is already a version of Spider-Man played by Pedro Pascal.


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