PREP figures confirm Manolo Jiménez's wide advantage in Coahuila

According to the most recent cut of the Preliminary Electoral Results Program (PREP), the candidate of the PRI-PAN-PRD coalition for the government of Coahuila, Manolo Jiménez, maintains his wide advantage about his closest contenders, Armando Guadiana from Morena, and Ricardo Mejía Berdeja from the Labor Party (PT).

With 97.7% of the minutes captured at 5:00 in the morning, Jiménez obtained 56.9% of the votes with 730,330 votes in his favorcompared to 21.4% of votes in favor of Guadiana (275,547) and 13.3% of votes in favor of Mejía (171,259).

The candidate of the Green Ecologist Party of Mexico (PVEM), Lenin Pérez, obtained 5.8% of the votes (75,513).

According to these figures, the citizen participation in the election was 56.4% of the electoral roll. In total, 1,283,386 votes were registered.

In his victory speech, Jiménez said that his victory sends a “very important” message about working together as a “magic formula”.

He thanked the alliance parties that rallied around his candidacy. “Here in Coahuila it became clear that love won over hate, that work won over the grid, that the citizenship of politics won over politicking,” he said.

Accompanied by his wife and children, he pointed out that it was built “a great invincible citizen front”.

“This campaign became the meeting point for all Coahuilenses whoWe want to do good things for our state,” he declared, while celebrating that election day passed peacefully and thanking all Coahuilenses for going out to vote.

“We are going to govern for everyone. For what they voted for us and also for what they did not“, he assured. “We call for unity and teamwork,” Jiménez said in front of the national leaders of the Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI), Alejandro Moreno Cardenas; of the National Action Party (PAN), Marko Cortes and the Party of the Democratic Revolution (PRD), Jesus Zambrano.

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In addition, he commented that according to the information available, his coalition also obtained the “full car” in the State Congress.

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