Ricardo Mejia: "Trends do not favor us"

The candidate of the Labor Party for the governorship of Coahuila, Ricardo Mejia Bardeja, stated at a press conference that heThe trends do not favor you in the Preliminary Electoral Results Program.

The PREP reported that Manolo Jiménez, candidate of the PRI, PAN and PRD obtained a lead with 310,098 votescompared to the 73,520 votes given to Mejia Bardeja.

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During his statement, the Labor Party candidate stated that the elections they were not given in equitable conditions because it affirms that the State Government used resources to benefit Manolo Jiménez.

He thanked everyone who was able to vote but declared that “unfortunately citizen participation did not achieve enough to achieve a political alternation”.

Photo: Darkroom

Likewise, he denounced that the Labor Party presented 20 complaints before the state electoral body but he did not take a position on it. “They never did anything,” he declared.

Ricardo Mejia Bardeja celebrated 200,000 votes that his party achieved by affirming that those votes were not subject to pantries, pressures and vote buying.


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