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Saying goodbye does not seem to be an excessively expensive task for Brian Coxleading actor in ‘Succession’, one of HBO’s star series, which came to an end just a week ago after years on the air (and in streaming).

Despite having been a fundamental member of the cast and having been one of the most relevant characters in the plot, the actor has acknowledged that he has not even seen the end of the series.

Almost halfway through the fourth season, his character, Logan Roy, the great billionaire tycoon and patriarch of the protagonist family, died and left behind his dazzling empire. In this way, the character of Cox stopped appearing from the third episode of the batch.


The creator of the series, Jesse Armstrong, admitted to having felt very “nervous” before revealing this turn of events to Coxas he shared with insiders, since I did not want him to feel “rejected on a personal level“.

However, Cox’s attitude towards his departure seems to have been different from the “disappointment” that Armstrong might have imagined. Speaking with Laura Kuenssberg, for the BBCCox revealed that he had not seen the final episodes of the series.

I’ve never liked seeing myself,” commented the interpreter. “One way or another, because of what happened to Logan, I haven’t been very encouraged to see it.

“I knew how it was going to end, because Logan had set it all up, so I just assumed that in the end, Logan had won even though he was in the grave,” he stated.

“It’s a strange situation.added Cox.I don’t usually cling to things. When I’m done, it’s over and I move on.

However, despite not having seen the end of the series, he has admitted that he knows that the survivors of the Roy family “They got what they deserved” after all.

‘Succession’ has become (and rightly so) one of the favorite series of HBO Max fans. Since its premiere in 2018, the complex family and business plots of its protagonists have captivated the audience. Now, after the end, its creators have confirmed that there is no possibility of a spin-offor anything similar.

Knowing that there will be no sequel, some fans have wondered: what will happen to the characters after the end? Therefore, Armstrong has shared some of his theories about the future of Kendall, Shiv and Roman.

He has also explained why Tom is the one chosen to lead Waystar Royco, stating that although his power comes from Matsson, he is the type to “man who does thrive in this corporate world“.

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