The coordinator of the PRI deputies, Rubén Moreira, will have a meeting with the bench of senators from the tricolor, who have already announced that they are against this project;  and more |  Political Columns 09/09/2022

“Transcended” in Millennium

Knowing their own and strangers that the early morning winner on election days only denotes that that candidate has already lost and that he has never reversed a result, the leaders of Va por Estado de México made Alejandra del Moral leave with forced and lively muffled laughter to declare herself winner of an election that ended up losing by almost 10 points. When the official figures put things in place, Alito Moreno and Jesús Zambrano had already left the candidate to their fate, accompanied only by Santiago Creel and Rubén Moreira, to lick their wounds in public. Nobody knew at that time where Marko Cortés was, by the way

“Templo Mayor” in Reforma

GET STARTED! In fact, today begins the definition of the presidential candidacy of Brunette. Own Mario Delgado He had said that this Monday he would have communication with Claudia Sheinbaum, Marcelo Ebrard and Adam Augusto Lopez.

WE WILL HAVE TO see if the Morenista leader really gives space to those political jokes called Gerardo Fernandez Noronaof the PT; and Manuel Velascoof the Green party.

“Under Reserve” at El Universal

Before the polls closed in the two states of Coahuila and the State of Mexico, the three leaders. The nationals of the PAN, PRI and PRD agreed to convene a tripartite message this Monday at noon where they will announce what we had already announced in these pages a few days ago: they will ratify their electoral alliance for the 2024 presidential elections. They tell us that this was agreed independently of the results obtained by Va por México in the two elections. In addition, they tell us that an ultimatum will come to Dante Delgado, national leader of Movimiento Ciudadano, to join a great opposition alliance, but not only to the Presidency, but to the other governments that will be at stake, including the leadership of Government of Mexico City.

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“Political Fronts” in Excelsior

1. country of achievers. As soon as the polls closed and the strategies of the campaign teams released the bells on the fly. In the State of Mexico, both Alejandra del Moral as Delfina Gomez they were declared victors. However, as the hours passed, all the measurement mechanisms, call them exit polls, preliminary results, quick counts, were expanding the advantage of the Morenista candidate. According to the quick count of the INE, the most accurate that exists, before the district counts the difference will be around 9% between the candidates. The drama is that participation did not even reach 50 percent. In a country that considers itself politically adult, apathy once again won. And everything indicates that Morena too.

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