'We require them': Mario Delgado in celebration |  Video

Mario Delgado, national president of Morena, said that the PRI is going to the dustbin of history, after having lost the elections in the State of Mexico.

From the Plaza de los Mártires in Toluca, he said that Delfina Gómez did a great job during the campaign to gain an advantage over Alejandra del Moral.

The public began to chant the phrase “we screw them, we screw them…”; Mario Delgado extended the microphone and then replied “we will request them, what the hell, nothing more”.

In the back, the winning candidate celebrated the phrase with Citlalli Hernández.

The Electoral Institute of the State of Mexico released the result of the quick count, which identifies a “clear trend” in favor of the candidate Delfina Gómez.

The representative of Morena, PVEM and PT will have a voting percentage of between 52.1 percent and 54.2 percent.

While the PRI, PAN, PRD, NA and NAEM candidate will have between 43 percent and 45.2 percent of the votes.

The exercise has 95 percent reliability, so a “clear trend” is identified in favor of the candidate Delfina Gómez, said Amalia Pulido, president of the Electoral Institute of the State of Mexico.

According to the calculation made by the Technical Advisory Committee, participation will be between 48.7 percent and 50.2 percent.


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