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    You will always see Ana Rujas (Madrid, 1989) with a book. Clinging to it, “even if I don’t read it.” She arrived hugging one, perhaps from some Uruguayan poet, while filming ‘La Mesías’, her new series with Los Javis after establishing herself as one of the actresses of her generation in ‘Cardo’. The second season of ATRESplayer Premium’s fiction, a personal ordeal and a professional and creative journey to his credit as an interpreter, has led him to explore, together with its director, Claudia Costafreda, the vicissitudes of the penitentiary system for women and delve into the honest and sincere portrait of a crystal generation clinging to institutionalized drugs: “We are in a society that we need to be someonedo something and have something to tell, and not be stained by anything, not be guilty of anything”, comments Ana Rujas about how the series, with which she was nominated for the Fotogramas de Plata 2021, addresses the problem of mental health : “I feel that now nothing happens if you say that you are taking medication, the stigma that existed has been removed a bit, but at the same time it is fashionable and that also causes me a little fear because it cannot be fashionable either take pills What is happening to us so that everyone has to have a Lexatin in their bag!

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    The actress of ‘Thistle’ and ‘The Messiah’, in love with Benedetti and Cate Blanchett, nostalgic for Cassavetes and Pier Paolo Pasolini, inaugurates our first ‘Video booth’, the new video section of Fotogramas that adapts the famous ‘Photo booth’ of our magazine and through which the best-known faces of cinema and television in our country will pass. A 20-question challenge to find out about cinephilia and the confessable (or not) secrets of our guests that you can see in full in the video at the top of this article.

    The Ana Rujas Video Booth

    When was the first time you thought about being an actress?

    It was when I went to see Angelica Liddell at ‘La casa de la fuerza’ at the Matadero, when I was 17 years old. I went with a friend and while sitting in the chair I said: “I want to talk like this, I want to say this.”

    And when did you see that you had achieved it?

    At the Malaga Festival, when I presented the film ‘Diana’, by Alejo Moreno, in 2018.

    Who did you admire as a child?

    The first crush I had was with Mario Benedetti. I fell in love with his books and had a crazy crush on him.

    And now, who do you admire?

    I’ve been listening to everything Cate Blanchett says a lot lately, I really admire her as an actress. Juliette Binoche, Isabelle Huppert… My mother too.

    What do you need in your day to day?

    I always go with a book even if I don’t read it.

    And what do you have left?

    Sometimes, I spare myself, I think too many things.

    You learned a lot from…

    Ana Grace.

    ana rujas cardo season 2

    antenna 3

    Didn’t teach you anything…

    Everything has taught me and contributed something in life. Even worst of all.

    What stresses you out?

    The lie, the lack of loyalty, the betrayal.

    Your strong point

    The requirement.

    Your Achilles heel.

    Also, the demand… And my bad host, sometimes.

    A mania.

    I have to be on set with a notebook that I have previously worked on with the internal thoughts of the character in each scene, and I always have it with me. He hates that notebook throughout the shoot because, even if I don’t look at it, I ask for it… I have to have it. If I’m lost, I have to take that notebook and something saves me.

    The best thing a couple has taught you.

    The trust.

    Who do you wish you had met?


    ana rujas the messiah series


    How is doing erotic scenes?

    Complicated. The same on screen looks easy and it is not so easy. It’s colder than it seems.

    An indelible memory.

    The day of the Fierce, when we won the award for Best Series and Best Actress for ‘Cardo’.

    Your pending subject.

    Learn many languages.

    A confessable erotic myth.

    Michael Pitt in ‘Dreamers’.

    The series to which you have been most hooked.

    The one that marked me the most was ‘Two meters underground’. But also ‘Fargo and ‘Breaking Bad’.

    The movie that made you love cinema.

    All of Cassavetes and ‘Fitzcarraldo’.

    He missed a school morning to see the end of ‘Lost’ and, although legend has it that he is in PHOTOGRAMS for his potato tortillas, the reality is that he has been in the magazine since 2016 as “the guy from the videos”.

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