Google will delete your contacts if you do not activate this function

Your phone and email contacts saved on your mobile device, related to your Google account, may disappear if you don’t enable cloud syncing.

This is because from a Google Play update, users are expected to have better protection of their contacts and not lose them when changing or losing the equipment.

For this reason, it is necessary to activate the synchronization of contacts, in addition, the platform will not allow you to choose to save them on the device using the Google Play update for Android.

Google offered instructions to avoid this change affecting you:

You must access the “Contacts” section on your Android device, then choose your user profile and the “Contacts” settings.

Then select the “Google Contacts Synchronization” option and once inside, enable the “Automatic Synchronization” function so that the procedure can be carried out.

Google announced that you must enable this option to access the contacts stored on your device, so it is necessary that you follow the steps and do not run out of your contact lists and emails.

Recently, Google announced that it will remove inactive Gmail accounts for more than two years, in order to reduce the costs of its company.

To this he added this announcement of the elimination of contacts without synchronizing in the cloud.

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