Another Chinese 'influencer' dies from alcohol drinking challenge on broadcast

A known influencers Chinese known as zhongyuanhuangge died during a live broadcast in which he ingested a liter of traditional high-grade baijiu liquor in twenty seconds, local media reported today.

The death of the 26-year-old, a resident of the central province of Henan and whose account was closed, occurred on June 2, as confirmed by a source close to the media Southern Metropolis Daily.

Zhongyuanhuangge’s broadcasts were popular for the extreme activities he carried out, such as opening a coconut with his bare hands or eat a lot of very hot dry chili.

In one of the videos in which he consumed drinks at high speed, the young man showed that the liquid was really alcoholic. dipping a paper towel in it and setting it on fire.

Photo: Cuartoscuro Archive

The event takes place after last May, another influencers of the province of Jiangsu (east) known as Sanqiange was found dead after broadcasting a fight and subsequently drinking alcohol.

The Chinese authorities published in September last year a new regulation for online transmissions according to which live events must be broadcast with a time delay in order to monitor written comments during them.

A few months earlier, regulators issued a ccode of conduct with 31 “bad habits” for the influencers in which they were prohibited from defaming the country’s culture, historical figures or national heroes, in addition to urging them to avoid promoting topics considered sensitive.

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