Chris Hemsworth agrees with the critics of 'Thor: Love and Thunder':

‘Thor: Love and Thunder’, the fourth installment of the solo superhero from Asgard, grossed some 750 million dollars around the world, but the film divided the public a lot, with many fans against the direction that the character had taken and the franchise. After being the first superhero in the Marvel Cinematic Universe to have his fourth solo film, the delivery of Phase 4 received some criticismbeing the childish tone and excess of humor of the tape the main problem for many critics and viewers.

In a recent interview for G.Q., Chris Hemsworth has wanted to face these criticisms, agreeing with those who think that humor got out of hand. Precisely for this reason, The actor has indicated that he wants to move away from Thor for a while by focusing on more serious roles.confirming that he would only play the superhero again if there was a change in tone in the story.

“I think we had too much fun. she got too dumb. It’s hard to always be in the center and have a real perspective… I love the process, it’s quite an experience. But you don’t know how people are going to respond.”

After the lukewarm reception of the first two installments of ‘Thor’ and ‘Thor: The Dark World’, directed by Kenneth Branagh and Alan Taylor respectively, the character was turned around with the hiring of Taika Waititi. With ‘Thor: Ragnarok’ and ‘Thor: Love and Thunder’ they wanted to give it the typical humor of Marvel productions, but the balance in the latter, according to its detractors, was unbalanced. The plot revolved around issues such as Jane Foster’s cancer and introduced Gorr the God Butcher, but the film’s amount of humor undermined the film’s serious tone. For all this, ‘Thor: Love and Thunder’ is one of the worst received installments of the Infinity Saga.

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Hollywood stars?

Many are the personalities of the film industry who have raised their voices against superhero movies, such as Quentin Tarantino or Martin Scorsese. In some famous statements, Tarantino commented that the actors who played Marvel characters were not movie starsadding that while he doesn’t hate superhero movies, he thinks they seem to be the only movies being made in modern Hollywood.

For his part, Hemsworth wanted to answer these words from the director of ‘Once upon a time in… Hollywood’ in the same interview: “It’s very depressing to hear something like that. I’m grateful to have been a part of something that continues to bring people to theaters… whether or not these movies hurt other movies, I don’t know.”

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