Piña calls on judges to "act prudently, but not cowardly";  US joins voices to militarize the border and more |  National headlines 03/06/2023

These are the outstanding news for this Wednesday, June 7, 2023 in the main newspapers with national circulation:

AMLO sets rules for succession

They propose ‘consolation prizes’ for losers. Applicants for the candidacy must resign from positions before June 15.

BBVA: end of stable six-year term in politics and economy

”Attractive for global capital”

They remodel baseball stadiums with funds for poverty

The resources are part of the program to combat the backwardness of the most vulnerable municipalities, which were planned to install drinking water networks and build health centers and libraries

Ebrard gets up early to the corcholatas and marks the path for the succession

He announces that he will leave the SRE next Monday and reveals that Morena has already accepted his proposals; Adam asks for “serenity and patience”

Minisalario recovers its purchasing power

Economic policy mitigates historical lag. As of 2018, 65% of the deterioration in the purchasing power of the minimum wage registered in the 35 years prior to the start of the current government has been compensated

Mexico will have a smooth six-year transition

Ramírez de la O. The government will deliver public finances in order and projects will not be left halfway

Mexico’s economy will grow up to 2.5% in 2023, predicts the World Bank

Calculate that it will be higher than global GDP this year


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