After such a long time since the end of filming for ‘Flash’, the film starring Ezra Miller is just a few days away from being able to see the light. And, although its premiere is on June 16, the specialized press has been able to see it ahead of time and the first reactions have been so positive that some describe it as “one of the best DC movies”.

david fear of rolling stones notes that it “is by far the best film to come out of this modern, post-Warner/DC Nolan collaboration.” Something similar points out Pete Hammond of Deadline who claims that although “may not be the best comic book movie, it’s pretty close”, adding that he “would hesitate to even put this film on the same level as others in the increasingly tired genre into which both Marvel and DC have fallen.” Although not all agree and Sheraz Farooqi (CinemaDebate) says that for him it “doesn’t work as a pseudo-ending for the DC Extended Universe”.

As for the performances, in general they agree on the good work of Miller and his “excellent performance as Barry Allen and The Flash” at the same time, he points out. Culture Mixto which Matt Singer of screencrush adds that “the illusion is so convincing that sometimes you forget that a lot of the movie is just an actor talking to himself“.

Special mention for Michael Keaton with his return as Batman since, according to Tessa Smith of Mama’s Geeky (via Rotten Tomatoes) “sometimes steals the show” and, according to Deadline, “Keaton has never been better in the role. It’s an excellent reinvention of the character for the actor and for Batman himself.” In contrast, The Hollywood Reporter he argues that Michael Shannon as a villain “is powerful and terrifying”, although he “gets lost in the generic supervillain model”. But if someone has to be singled out, it is undoubtedly Sasha Calle, with a “sensational” performance which becomes “the absolute bright spot for the film”, according to CinemaDebate and The Cinematic Reel.

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Praise also goes to Andy Muschietti in the direction that, according to Daniel Howat of Next Best Picture“is a perfect tonal balancing act that makes the action gripping and appropriately absurd when necessary.” Although that action is somewhat hampered by the special effects which, according to Culture Mix, are “a bit distracting” but don’t quite “ruin the movie”, even though , for Travis Hopson (Punch Drunk Critics) are “an explosion for the senses”.

And although with some buts more, the script also seems to have succeeded “despite carrying the baggage of DCU failures”, congratulating the work of Christina Hodson, John Francis Daley Jonathan M. Goldstein and Joby Harold to the getting the film to withstand “all its distractions” while maintaining “a strong emotional core”according to Ben Pearson of slashfilm.

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While ‘The Flash’ generally seems to have convinced, David Rooney (THR) notes that “like many superhero movies, ‘Flash’ gradually bogs down, turning into memory chaos as the protagonists face off against their powerful enemy in a chaotic clash where excess special effects take the place of human or humanoid compromise.” To which Singer (ScreenCrush) adds: “It gets bogged down… There are so many twists and turns, and such a large cast, that even with two Barry’s on screen in many scenes, the main characters and their motivations occasionally getting lost.”


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