Meteocat changes the warnings for temperature and creates two new alerts for night heat

The Meteorological Service of Catalonia (Meteocat) has created a new system to warn of excess temperatures and, above all, to warn of the risks associated with the increase in thermometers both day and night. This new tool, presented this Wednesday at a joint press conference between the Health Department and Civil Protection, will be used for one year as a pilot test in coastal and pre-coastal regions.

The promoters of this initiative explain that the objective is simplify warnings for high temperatures and differentiate the alerts by daytime and nighttime maximums. With this it is intended help prevent the effects of high heat for several days or nights in a row, which especially harm older people with chronic pathologies who can suffer especially from extreme temperatures.

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One of the main novelties of this new system is the incorporation of two new warnings for intense or very intense night heat, with three degrees of probability each. As explained this Wednesday, the alerts will be activated preventively cWhen temperatures exceed 98% of the maximum of the last ten years.

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Everything indicates that the system will be ready for the coming months. Especially in the face of a summer that, according to forecasts, will be warmer than usual in all of Spain. The seasonal forecast of the State Meteorological Agency for the months of June, July and August indicates that we will have a few summer months with temperatures above average for this time of year. For now, as suggested by the meteorological models, everything points to the fact that the summer of 2023 could be one of the five warmest in the last twenty years (specifically, the reference period between 1993 and 2016).

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