After ‘Rapa’ became a resounding success for Movistar Plus+, the platform did not hesitate to renew the series for a second season. Created by Pepe Coira and Fran Araújo, the new batch of episodes arrives on June 15, once again starring Javier Cámara and Mónica López, with new characters that they present to us in this exclusive preview.

Cámara and López return to interpret Tomás and Maite respectively, who This time they travel to Ferrol to investigate two cases separately but that will bring them together again.

Tomás will suffer an unforeseen event that will take him to the hospital, where he will meet a man whose son was murdered 20 years ago and he will insist on investigating this case that is about to prescribe. Meanwhile, Maite will go into the Arsenal, to find out what happened to a commander who has disappeared. With great difficulty she will try to make her way between the hermetic and strict world in which she must work.

Together with the creators, Rafa Montesinos (‘Parot’) and Marta Pahissa (‘Pulseras rojas’) join the directors in this second season.

new characters

Coira and Araújo confirm that this time they have surpassed themselves by increasing in large amount the number of secondary characters that we will see together with Cámara and López. Among them are Carlos Blanco, Federico Pérez Rey, Evaristo Calvo, Melania Cruz and Iolanda Muíños.

Also, there will be a new key character played by Dario Loureiro who will be Tomás’ caretaker who will make a very curious relationship arise between two very different people.

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The second season of ‘Rapa’ will be available on Movistar Plus+ from June 15.


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