Roberto Brasero issues a warning for this summer: "Something is starting to move..."

The meteorologist Roberto Brasero A very curious fact has advanced us and it has attracted our attention. And it is that he Europe Centereo de Previsión has released its seasonal forecast for Europe for the months of June, July and August. Once again, it is expected with a high probability, greater than 70%, that temperatures in Spain will be above the quarterly average, indicating a hot summer, Brasero explained.

However, in this forecast, written for the time of Antena 3, a novelty stands out: in the map of precipitation anomalies a slight possibility is now observed, between 40% and 50%, that there will be more rain than usual during this quarter. It is important to note that in summer it usually rains little, so significant amounts are not expected, says the meteorologist, who added that the probability is not very high.

Perhaps a stormier month could explain that sign. Could June be a month with storms? We do not know, but we will be attentive, since “something starts to move in time”, pointed out the Antena 3 meteorologist.

The northeast of the Iberian Peninsula has enjoyed this week a rain episode, many of them accompanied by storms, which have opened a small window of hope in the fight against drought. The rainfall has been intermittent, intense in very specific areas and has not meant a great contribution to water reserves so far.

Will it still rain this week?

The question is obligatory: will the moved time continue next week? Medium-term forecasts already pointed to some instability between May 15 and 21.

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Now the State Meteorological Agency (aemet) refines the prediction a bit more. Summary: colder than normal and more rain than usual in the east of the Peninsula.

It is what Aemet defines as “atmospheric pattern change”. The temperatures, the agency continues in a tweet, will continue to be below normal, “more typical of March or April”.

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And as far as rainfall is concerned, the agency also brings hopeful news: “Unstable atmosphere with showers: in the Mediterranean strip, the most intense rainfall episodes are expected”.

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