Granada is a city in southern Spain's Andalusia region, in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada mountains

There are moving landscapes; there are those that leave our mouths open or even affect us emotionally as if we were eighteenth-century romantics in a Caspar David Friedrich painting. Transcendent places have that ability to make us dream with our eyes open.

With all certainty, the cinema has played an undoubted role in this discovery of overwhelming landscapes. Atmospheres, evocation, poetry… all this and more with a good set of cameras in a sunset or a desert. Luckily, to experience that, you don’t need to be in a seat at the cinema or on the sofa in the living room; we can take a train to enjoy live these spaces that conquer us. C.With Renfe we ​​can go to unique places where we could shoot an unforgettable film. Ready to discover the most cinematic landscapes?

The fantastic story that Granada is missing

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What can be added to what has already been said about the beauty of Granada? That needs, at least, one more good story. Between its streets, its mountains, and its history, a fantasy world could be created that does not yet exist. Like a Mediterranean and Nasrid Dune at the same time. It is not for nothing that the Alhambra has that hint of remoteness and exoticism that fits so well with those idealizations of the past about this mythical and so southern Spain. It can be used to create a new universe.

Although its neighboring province Almería can get a little jealous, its desert has already served to one of the most striking chapters of Black Mirror, in the Gofares desert. It offers magic, dream buildings and the atmosphere to build serious, tense and suggestive moments.

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Navarra: romantic comedy with the smell of lavender

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About thirty minutes from Pamplona is a very special place, Olite. there is a lavender field worthy of French Provence and, in addition, a medieval castle with a lot of charm. A Woody Allen comedy would fit perfectly for these landscapes that seem to be taken from a story.

Yes, a modern tale, with its point of neurosis, a twist in the script… a couple who are getting married or who have just met. Host flashes of fantasy to have a good time and keep believing in love. Who can deny something like that. Harvey Kietel reminds him of Michael Caine in Youth: «We are only feelings»and he is somewhat right.

Psychological terror surrounded by windmills

Mota del Cuervo is a Spanish municipality and town in the province of Cuenca, in the autonomous community of Castilla la Mancha located in the region of La Mancha, it has a population of 6,069 inhabitants ine 2022 among its customs, the celebration of the festival of Nuestra Señora de la Antigua de Manjavacas, declared of national tourist interest, stands out the town is known touristically as

javier perez

Not all mills should be used to crash into them in chivalrous adventures. In the province of Cuenca —and 150 kilometers from Madrid— is Mota del Cuervo, a small municipality that has seven windmills that could serve as a setting for a psychological horror movie. Who has seen midsummer He knows what an open field can offer, idyllic at first glance and that is, in the end, the opposite.

Something like this could happen in this Castilian land. Majestic sunsets, highly symbolic buildings and the feeling that time does not pass. What better to plant a character with a dark interior that is projected in the mills and in the arid land. Guaranteed triumph in a roller coaster of emotions.

thriller in the Catalan forest

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Siro Rodenas Cortes

In Catalonia, between the provinces of Gerona and Barcelona extends Montseny National Park. If you stop for a bit you might think you are in some magical world, as if Tolkien had described it. And it is lucky to be able to visit it. Its 30,120 hectares could be the setting for a great thriller.

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Imagine Seven In the woods. In a way analogous to the success of Alberto Gutiérrez with the minimal island, This forest allows infinite possibilities to play with the tension of its spaces and the relationships between the characters that must frequent it.. A disappearance? An unthinkable corpse? Everything is possible among such exuberant, attractive and suffocating nature.

Almería: the desert we deserve

tabernas desert, almeria, andalucia, spain

Daniel Vine Garcia

Exploited and well-known, yes. But who can deny this mythical place of European cinema its quality, its interest and its abysmal atmosphere. Instead of recovering a western more (which we wouldn’t mind either), we propose rediscover this special land with something different. Less shooting, less dueling, and fewer men on horseback. A lysergic story for a beat Spanish.

the spirit of Zabrieski Pointby Antonioni, It could be rescued by a director wanting to unite the wealth of the desert with the disturbed mind of a character up to the task. A serious personal problem, a retired writer or a group of travelers of themselves looking to find themselves. How can this adventure not work!

Our geography offers thousands of ideas because, as we have already seen, it has places to shoot all kinds of movies. Let your imagination and AVE take you to unique destinations.

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