‘Wednesday’ and its main actress, Jenna Ortega, became two of the biggest stars of 2022. After the success of the Netlfix series, the streaming platform has renewed it for a second season, of which there is still hardly any information. However, Ortega herself has been in charge of shedding light on the matter, anticipating what to expect from the new installment.

The actress already shared at the time the aspects of ‘Wednesday’ that she does not like, among others, the romance in which her character, the young Addams, is involved. As revealed by Ortega for Variety, In the second season, of which she is the producer, this love is going to be replaced by more terror:

“We’ve decided that we want to lean a bit more into the horror aspect of the show. Because it’s so light-hearted, you don’t want to take yourself too seriously. We’ll Ditch Any ‘Wednesday’ Love Interestswhich is really cool.”

Regarding his incorporation into the production of the series, Ortega explains that in the first season He has already met with the creative team to discuss different issues of ‘Wednesday’for which she is now grateful to also be a producer and thus contribute to its creation from the beginning:

“We had already been looking at different ideas, and I’m a very practical person. I want to know what’s going on. And to a character like Wednesday, who is much loved and a legend, I really didn’t want to let him down. So I try to have as many conversations as possible, on set, with the writers and Tim. [Burton], we would all get together and decide, ‘Okay, what works and what doesn’t?’ He was already very cooperative. So In preparation for Season 2 we wanted to be ready beforehand and make sure we could start discussions earlier. And I’m very curious. I want to see the costumes, the new characters, the scripts. They were kind enough to let me be a producer.”

Cruelty in social networks

“I want people to be able to see who I am behind the camera and realize that you should never put people on a pedestal. And the more I’ve been exposed to the world, the more people take advantage of that. They see your vulnerability and twist it in ways you don’t always expect. It’s so strange. It’s such a hard thing to balance. Because how to be honest without endangering our own health and safety? It is very easy to feel out of control.


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