Christopher Nolan with his producer.

When we decide to go to the cinema there are always two basic questions that appear in previous conversations. The first: what movie are we going to watch. The second: what seats we choose.

Generally, “as central as possible” are usually our favorite words when at the box office we are asked about our preference in the sites. Having the notion for various factors that this is the best location for our experience, this conjecture is far from the opinion that Christopher Nolan has.

Nolan is one of the most important directors in the cinematographic world and his opinions, when they show up, are highly commented all over the world. This time, the British-American has spoken (via PA) about what they are the best seats to see a movie in theaters and according to their criteria, these they depend on how the film is going to be presented.

When I’m in a theater with a Cinemascope format, I like to be near the first or in the middle of the third row. When I’m in a 1.43:1 IMAX theater I prefer to be a little behind the center, one row behind“In this way and with the confirmation of the return of Christopher Nolan and its plus R ratingwe already know which are the best places to see ‘Oppenheimer’ on July 20So now all that remains is to enjoy it.

The Atomic Bomb vs. the Fiat 500

Causing great anticipation and some irritation (ask Tom Cruise) ‘Oppenheimer’ is one of the most anticipated movies of the year. Having confirmed that this new project is going to be the longest on Nolan’s resumethe film will oscillate the 3 hours long. However, Christopher and his boys have a great antagonist and this one has blonde hair, a heart attack personality and the intention of ruining his successful premiere .

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‘Barbie’ is another of the films that is generating the most stir among the population and its success (at least box office) seems practically like a fact. Both films coinciding on their release date, let’s live one of the most disputed weekends in the filmmaking world since a long time. observing, which projection manages to get the biggest slice of the pie. What is clear is that the weekend of July 21 will play an intense session of cinema.

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