'Titanic' Collection

It is undeniable that when we declare ourselves a fan of something, everything related to that movie, saga, actor or character makes us excited, but a Florida boy has gone furtherand his love for ‘Titanic’ and Jack Dawson will soon not enter the house.

JD (does it happen to have the same acronym?), better known as titanicfan97 on social networks, he is a young video editor who, ever since he saw the James Cameron movie at the cinema at the age of 6, has been obsessed with the film. In an interview with Variety, JD has confessed that he has “Jack Dawson mania”from which I can not escape at first since as his “family gilded ‘Titanic, I joined” everything that had to do with the film, thus feeding his obsession.

He currently has around 1,560 copies of the film on VHS, but he hasn’t really gotten it on his own. “In 2012 we picked up a few copies,” says JD, saying that little by little he began to collect copies and copies, until after a few years he got the first 100. The explosion came when he opened a TikTok account, as other fans from around the world began to interact with him and send him more copies and other collectibles such as crocheted Leonardo DiCaprio character figurines or even an authenticated piece of a boat deck chair.

Along with the copies of the films, he has numerous Jack Dawson dolls, Titanic figurines, trading cards, captain’s hats, a carpet of anchors, utensils and molds kitchen to make food Titanic shaped.

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Let’s go 1997

Although JD has not set a limit to his collection, his next goal is to reach 1,997 copies to commemorate the year of the film’s release. Not happy with this, after reaching that milestone It is proposed to reach “at least a million copies”. Seeing how fast his collection is growing and the generous contributions from his fans all over the world who send him more and more copies, his challenge doesn’t seem very difficult, does it?


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