Xóchitl Gálvez will go Monday morning for a reply

The senator of National Action Party (PAN), Xóchitl Gálvez Ruiz, informed the presidency that he will go next Monday to the morning, despite the sayings of President Andrés Manuel López Obradorafter obtaining an amparo that allows him to have the right of reply in the president’s daily morning conference.

Through a letter addressed to the General Coordinator of Social Communication of the Presidency, Jesus Ramirez Cuevas, the panista announced that she will attend the National Palace on Monday, June 12 at 5:30 p.m., to respond to what López Obrador said.

This despite the fact that AMLO has described the protection granted to the senator as a “play” of “very low level, very vulgar” and assured that he reserves “the right of admission” to his daily press conference.

“I request access to the Treasury room, during the broadcast of that day’s press conference, so that I am granted the floor under the same conditions in which I was referred to,” the PAN member wrote in the letter.

Gálvez asked that she be allowed to “exercise” her “right” at “the same hours and with similar characteristics”, in which AMLO affirmed last year that the senator wanted to disappear social programs, facts that the PAN member considered as “false information and inaccurate”.

“I am fully confident that as the Executive Branch they will act with respect to the decision of the Power of attorney, asserting the President’s word,” he said.

“By denying me access, they would be openly violating my human rights,” he concluded.

This Thursday, the PAN member announced through a video that a judge granted her an amparo to exercise her right of reply on the president’s morning.

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Gálvez filed the legal appeal after López Obrador’s comments, in which he accused her of wanting to disappear social programs. The legislator denied having made such comments and in December she formally requested a space in the morning to clarify her position, events that have not occurred.

However, AMLO accused the senator this Thursday of promoting the issue for electoral purposes and told her to carry out her own morning session.

“What I would advise Mrs. Xóchitl Gálvez is that they call their conferences, that they have their morning session at 7 in the morning, that they invite Marko Cortesto believe, to Claudio X. Gonzalez“said the president

“We reserve the right of admission,” he concluded.


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