Sylvestre Stallone still remembers his most strenuous filming: "All my joints were inflamed"

That Sylvestre Stallone is a tough guy no one doubts. That Sylvestre Stallone is human… well, we can start debating that. We have just confirmed that Sylvestre Stallone also feels pain and fatigue with his new statements.

In the prolific career of actor Sylvestre Stallone there are great titles such as ‘Rambo’, ‘Tango and Cash’ or ‘The Expendables’ although without a doubt the role that marked his career forever was ‘Rocky’.

The movie ‘Rocky’ with Sylvester Stallone was one of the biggest blockbusters in the cinema of the 70s. Directed by John G. Avildsen, ‘Rocky’ was released on November 21, 1976 and consolidated Sylvester Stallone among the great action actors of the seventh art To this day, everyone remembers scenes like Stallone’s race through the streets of Philadelphia or his legendary push-ups.

And Sylvestre Stallone, at 76, also remembers them, but not for the better…

Sylvestre Stallone: ​​”Every joint in my body swelled up, but it was worth it”

No one doubts that Sylvestre Stallone was in top form before the filming of ‘Rocky’, in fact he was decisive in facing the role of the boxer and even influenced when writing the script and the shooting plan.

I influence so much that director John G. Avildsen saw him doing push-ups switching hands and decided to include him in the film footage as we can see in this video.

“Great, just do it again and let’s shoot it for the movie”John G. Avildsen commented to the actor, who got into the ring and did a whole exhibition of push-ups with one hand, varying, with both, with jump, with clap … the mother of all push-ups.

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After a few days, the actor himself admitted that he had received a good beating: “All the joints in my body were inflamed, but I think it was worth it for the sake of the movie.”

And of course it was worth it, it’s one of his most remembered scenes and today there are many trainers who recommend these push-ups with varying hands to improve the pectoral and arm muscles.

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