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‘Doctor Who’ actor Ncuti Gatwa has recalled the moment he told his ‘Sex Education’ co-stars that he was going to be in the next ‘Barbie’ movie.

Directed by Greta Gerwig and starring Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling as Barbie and Ken, respectively, ‘Barbie’ brings together several ‘Sex Education’ stars: Ncuti Gatwa, Connor Swindells and Emma Mackey.

talking to the magazine elleGatwa commented that his co-star Mackey, who came on the project before him, already knew he was going to get the role when he saw her name on the script.

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Emma was cast as Barbie before I was cast as Ken.but she knew I was going to be in the movie because my name was already in the script,” he said. “She kept it a secret for a month. When I found out that I had been given the role, I called her singing Aqua’s song, ‘Barbie’“.

We had just spent five very intense years together, in which we became very good friends.. We love each other very much and it’s incredibly exciting to see each other go off and do their thing, but get back together? It is a magical experienceGatwa said of the moment he met with Swindells and Mackey.

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On playing a version of the iconic doll for the film, Gatwa said: “Ken is everything to me. Honestly, every day was so much fun. Pink, fun, colorful and happy. And he had a great wardrobe. We felt like we were putting on a playwe literally called each other barbie theater company because we thought it was very creative. We warmed up in the morning, we had dance classes… It was like rehearsing for a show.”

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“Greta Gerwig is an amazing director, she has an incredibly deep understanding of all the components that go into making a film,” he added of the film’s director.

‘Barbie’ will hit theaters on July 21.

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