Yeidckol is uncovered... without invitation to Morena's internal process

Yeidckol Polevnsky Gurwitz submitted a license request to leave his position as a Morena deputy, to participate in the process to obtain the position of “Transformation Defense Coordinator.”

In a speech at the Permanent Commission, he said that his request has surprised, but he said that “many militants” have asked him to participate in the process that will later define the presidential candidacy.

The legislator assured that her request for a license is the result of various proposals within her party.

He maintained that in the process there is only one partner (Claudia Sheinbaum), for which reason he said that due to gender issues there should be more women.

He said that there is political unity within his movement and his coalition.

She thanked legislators and militants who “encouraged” her to enter the process, for which she said that she will register and that she will tour the country for two months.


On Sunday, Alfonso Durazo, president of the Morena National Council, said that the process would only be open by invitation.

In a press conference, he said that the process will not be opened to other politicians who can take advantage of the process to gain visibility in the search for other charges.

Verbatim, the rule says:

The National Council will invite the 4 people who have the profile to participate.

He argued that only Claudia Sheinbaum, Marcelo Ebrard, Adán Augusto López Hernández and Ricardo Monreal can participate for Morena.

The PT and the PVEM may invite one person (Fernández Noroña and Manuel Velasco).

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