Armenta prepares license in the Senate to contend for Puebla

Alejandro Armenta, senator from Morena and president of the Board of Directors of the Upper House, announced today that he has ready his application for a license to compete, when the party determines it, for the candidacy for the government of Puebla, the state where he is from.

This afternoon, during a conference in the Senate, Armenta said that the license can be presented starting tomorrow or in July or August, as determined by the party.

“I am ready. I humbly aspire to be the preferred ‘corcholata’ of the poblanos and poblanas”, said Armenta.

The senator for Morena spoke in favor of the survey to choose the candidate and since his cousin, the deputy Ignacio Mier, also aspires to the position for the same party, Armenta affirmed that the best thing would be that one of the requirements that be set for participate is dismissal, as occurred for the presidential candidacy.

Mier is the head of the Morena bench in the Chamber of Deputies, and is also a native of Puebla.

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