They demand to relocate the giraffe Benito due to poor living conditions in Cd. Juárez |  Video

Last May a male giraffe baptized as “Benito” was taken into captivity in the Central Park of Ciudad Juárez, Chihuahua; However, for a few weeks on social networks they have requested that the mammal be relocated to a place with optimal qualities to live.

In social networks they have spread photographs and videos of the specimen taking shelter in an umbrella-shaped structure from the sun’s rays, just when temperatures range between 35 and 40 degrees Celsius in Ciudad Juárez.

They even created a Facebook page called “Save Benito” in which they document the giraffe’s day-to-day life.

On May 26, personnel from the Federal Attorney for Environmental Protection (Profepa) went to the place where the giraffe is sheltered and verified that “the current confinement area It has a space of adequate dimensionsincluding a shelter cubicle with feeders and drinkers, trees and other elements in the environment”.

Profepa indicated that Benito, approximately 3 years old and 4.3 meters tall, He is in apparent good health with no injuries or lacerations.

Despite this, locals and park attendees have alleged that the giraffe requires trees and suitable habitat to cope with the high temperatures that currently hit Ciudad Juárez and most of the national territory.

Likewise, through the platform, they have promoted a petition addressed to the governor of Chihuahua, Maru Campos; the Secretary of Human Development and Common Good, Carla Yamileth Rivas; the mayor of Ciudad Juárez, Cruz Pérez Cuellar; and the general coordinator of the Steering Committee of the Central Park, Rogelio Muñoz Sapien, so that the giraffe is removed from where it is currently sheltered and taken to “a better place with a dignified life.”

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The petition started last week has already reached more than 124,000 signatories and seeks to get more than 150,000.

This past Tuesday, Juan Carlos Loera, Welfare delegate in Chihuahua, indicated that he met with the heads of Profepa and Semarnat in the state, Juan Carlos Segura and Marcos Delgado, respectively to attend to citizen requests, so that the giraffe’s living conditions are the best in the Central Park of Ciudad Juárez.

“I have suggested that it be personnel specialized in biodiversity from central offices, who prepare a study for them to give their opinion and thus determine the best for the giraffe“.

According to the local media Juarez TodayRogelio Muñoz reported that by the beginning of July an investment of around one million pesos was allocated for the improvement of the habitat of Benito.

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