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— SPOILERS for ‘The Flash’ —

The dismal box office performance of ‘The Flash’ in its opening weekend is only confirming that the film starring Ezra Miller was a project that was dead before birth. And it’s a shame, because despite the controversies, the level of special effects and the mess they have made at DC, the truth is that ‘The Flash’ is one of the best superhero movies of recent years. However, the new direction of the DC cinematic universe under the command of James Gunn will make everything restart from scratch, without giving continuity to most of the characters from Zack Snyder’s ‘Justice League’.

This means not we will not have ‘The Flash 2’. The only thing that could save the sequel was a blockbuster, and that obviously hasn’t happened. The director Andy Muschietti has been confirmed as the person in charge of the next Batman movie of the new DCU, ‘The Brave and the Bold’, in which they will have a totally new actor, and Ezra Miller will have a difficult time starring in a blockbuster of this kind again. magnitude in Hollywood and will surely have to try to build his career in indie cinema again, if someone gives him the opportunity.


‘The Flash’ is a more or less closed storydespite the final “joke” with that impossible cameo from George Clooney’s Batman, but yes there is a great unknown that remains unresolved and that would be the central plot of a continuation: the identity of Barry’s mother’s killerNora (Maribel Verdú).

‘The Flash’: Who kills Barry Allen’s mother in DC comics?

‘The Flash’ reveals how Barry Allen’s mother died when he was a child through flashbacks and time travel. While Barry is in her room and his father Henry Allen (Ron Livingston) was in the supermarket buying a can of tomatoes, Nora is attacked in the kitchen of her house and stabbed with a knife. Returning home to find Nora bleeding with no trace of the killer to be found, Henry tells Barry to call 911. But the trauma for Barry doesn’t end there, as Henry is wrongly convicted of Nora’s murder.

The central plot of ‘The Flash’ focuses on how Barry travels back in time to prevent his mother’s death, and how he messes her up along the way by creating new alternate timelines. in which he is about to condemn the planet Earth, but it is never revealed who the murderer of his mother is and why he kills her.

In the comics, the killer’s identity is Eobard Thawne, also known as Reverse-Flash.. In the original DC Comics ‘Flashpoint’ story, Barry’s decision to travel back in time to save Nora creates an alternate timeline in which Atlantis (the home of Aquaman) and Themyscira (Wonder Woman’s hometown). ) are at war, Thomas Wayne became Batman instead of Bruce, and many other apocalyptic changes. Barry’s changes to the timeline also make Thawne a near-invincible speedster whose mastery of the Speed ​​Force surpasses Barry’s.

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The Reverse-Flash does not appear in the film, but director Andy Muschietti has confirmed that he would be featured in a sequel if the story had continued: “Well, Reverse-Flash is the elephant in the room, right? It seems like you can’t make another movie without tackling what, in every way, is the killer of Barry’s mother. So yeah he feels like the big bad guy.”

Maybe in the future of the new DCU, when they adapt the ‘Flashpoint’ in a more faithful way trying to restart the DC universe in the cinema for the fifteenth time…

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