Anahí pierces her eardrum;  'she had never cried from pain like this'

Anahí shared the bad moment with her fans that he suffered in the last hours.

On Instagram, the singer and actress published that she had an accident with her headphones for which she had to go to the hospital.

“Mia Colucci” He said that while they were making a mold for his hearing aids, the material broke inside his ear and at the moment of removing it they burst his eardrum.

I had never cried from pain like this

“That horrible thing you see there is my ear inside. A few hours ago they were making me the mold for the in ears, the material broke and they pulled it until they managed to remove it. This was the result. Just as you see the photo, so it hurts. I don’t think I’ve ever cried from pain like this,” Anahí said in her publication.

The interpreter of “Save me” said she was in shock for what happened to him, but he was optimistic.

“I am in shock, well they say that when so much energy moves, the things you least imagine happen. But everything will be perfect.”

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