Rafa Nadal withdraws from the Laver Cup after the dismissal of Roger Federer |  Video

The former Swiss tennis player Roger Federerretired last year, resisted in an interview with his country’s media to declare the Serb Novak Djokovic as the best racket everarguing that while Spanish Rafael Nadal stay active, the discussion will remain open.

“It’s hard to say, I was discussing it with a friend… what’s more difficult, winning Wimbledon at 17 like Boris Becker or at 36 like Novak?” Federer said in an interview with the Swiss newspaper. Tages-Anzeiger on the occasion of a tribute to the Basel player in the halle tournament (Germany).

What Djokovic has achieved is fantastic and could be enough, but I think that as long as Nadal is playing we can’t answer that definitively.

It should be remembered that the former tennis player kept a fierce rivalry with the Spanishstarting an eternal debate between who of the two was the best in history, a debate that the Serb later joined.

Federer was honoree this Wednesday in Halle, a tournament where he is the player who has won the most titles, 10 in total, as well as being the only one to achieve that figure in a competition on grass.

After winning in Paris, Djokovic tops the men’s Grand Slam tournament rankings, with 23 titlesfollowed by the Christmas 22 and of the Federer’s 20.

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