Putin: Wagner's financing was provided by the Russian government

Russian President Vladimir Putin assured this Tuesday that the financing of the Wagner Group, which rebelled against the Russian military leadership last weekend, was fully borne by the state budget.

“The maintenance of the Wagner Group was fully the responsibility of the state, the Ministry of Defense and the state coffers,” Putin said in a meeting with the Russian military in the Kremlin.

“We fully funded that group,” he insisted.

Putin specified that only “between May 2022 and May 2023, the State allocated 86,000 million rubles (about 1,014 million dollars) for the maintenance of the Wagner Group”, a private military company that is illegal in Russia.

Meanwhile, the owner of the Concord company and Wagner’s boss, Yevgeny Prigozhin, earned 80 billion rubles (about 945 million dollars) in one year by supplying food to the Russian Army, he said.

“I hope that nobody has stolen anything or has stolen little. But, without a doubt, we are going to take care of that,” he said, hinting at an investigation into the use of public money by the Wagnerites who had been fighting the war in Ukraine for 16 months before rising up against the Russian military leadership.

They assure that Wagner’s leader’s plane landed in Minsk

The private plane of the head of the Wagner Group, Yevgeny Prigozhin, landed today at the Machulishchi military airfieldnear Minsk, according to the Belarusian investigative team Gayun, which is dedicated to monitoring military activity on Belarusian territory.

The plane landed at 07:37 local time (04:37 GMT), according to data from the flight tracking page Flightradar24.

It is an Embraer Legacy 600 aircraft with registration number RA-02795 and was included in the US sanctions list in 2019 for his connection to Prigozhin albeit with his old registration, M-SAAN.

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