Va x Mexico decided to commit suicide |  Article

By Antonio Salgado Borge

One year after the 2024 presidential elections, the Va x México alliance decided to commit suicide.

The PRI, the PAN and the PRD, together with some businessmen who support them, swear that they have a clear mission: Faced with a disastrous government, and to save our democracy, it is essential to excite millions of people in order to prevent Morena from retaining the presidency in 2024.

In order to honor this mission, the member parties of the Va x México alliance promised to make an unusual sacrifice put in brackets the personal interests that have them electorally on the canvas and be a vehicle for ideas or people that until now they have not represented.

They also offered that this commitment to Mexico and to democracy would be reflected in the process that they will use to choose the person they will nominate as a candidate presidential next year.

But there are three main reasons to support the thesis that, before formally starting the competition, Va x México has self-sabotaged its supposed reason for being to the point of annihilation.

Reason 1: Crafty Anticipation

The first is his crafty anticipation of electoral times.

That the President’s party is presented to the election process of its presidential candidate as the election of a person who will coordinate the Defense of the Fourth Transformation is clearly a simulation.

No one in their right mind thinks that this act is not, at least, contrary to the spirit of the current regulatory framework. Certainly this is something that the opposition has presented, openly and vehemently, as a sign of Morena’s anti-democratic spirit.

But now we find that in the process to choose their candidate, the parties of the Va por México alliance will begin on July 4, and that this alliance has decided to do practically the same thing that it has criticized so much.

Arguing that the difference is that the figure that this alliance will use to choose the person who will apply is contemplated in the law, while the one used by Morena violates itis to reduce the substantive debate to a mere verbal dispute.

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This nonsense was exposed when, during an interview on the Aristegui en Vivo program, Marko Cortés condemned the anticipated campaign acts, for cheats, and the precautionary measures imposed on Moena by the INE, for insufficient. Given this, He said that the opposition will not stand “idle by.” When pressured by Carmen Aristegui to clarify this contradiction, the national leader of the PAN had no choice but to respond evasively. and painful rhetorical juggling.

In defense of this strategy, someone could argue that the end justifies the means. That is not to do the same as Morena would be electorally suicidal and that the important thing now is to stop this movement.

But to this it must be answered that alleging that the end justifies the means is unacceptable because it opens the door for the parties in dispute to selectively choose which rules they want to comply with, and which ones are “worth” to ignore. It is precisely this strategy that Morena is using to advance her process. That is to say, Va x México, the alliance that supposedly was born to defend our democracy, has accepted that it is willing to bend its rules when it deems it necessary.

Reason 2: wrong hands

The second reason to declare Va x Mexico dead by suicide, happens to notice that this alliance will not remain, as promised, in the hands of foreign political and economic groups that have dominated the parties that comprise it.

Proof of this is that this weekend the idea that the PRI, the PAN and the PRD will intervene in the consultation to choose their candidate, which implies that it will no longer be purely citizen. This abrupt change motivated Sergio Aguayo to decide, in an act of consistency and integrity, to leave the so-called Citizen Electoral Committee.

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Someone might object that Sergio Aguayo, precisely because of his consistency and integrity, was not willing to give up on trivial details. But this objection falls by its own weight when one considers that even people who openly sympathized with the Va x Mexico alliance or who aspired to represent it have decided to draw their line.

It must be said with all its letters: those who direct the parties grouped in the Va x México letterhead decided this weekend that they will be the ones who choose the person who will run for president next year.

This movement may seem difficult to explain at first. If these groups of political and economic interests knew that in order to compete electorally they had to open up fully and act in a radically different way from the one they have acted in, why did they then decide to annihilate themselves?

This line of thought can be represented with the image of that person who prefers to drown rather than part with the heavy chest where he keeps his gold coins. Who in her right mind would rather die than let go?

However, this image does not correctly represent the case of Va x Mexico. And it does not do so because it does not take into account a principle well known to those who are engaged in business: to make a company economically viable for its owners, it is not necessary to make it the market leader; it only requires that at the end of the day more money enters their bank accounts than goes out.

Reason 3: bad company

The third reason for diagnosing the death by suicide of Va x México has to do with the criteria they have used to consider or include civil society organizations.

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This alliance usually presents displays and documents endorsed by anti-democratic organizations and clearly has the support of people linked to business chambers whose leaders have benefited from PAN and PRI governments.

Proof of the first thing is that the supporters of Va x México have no qualms about including the National Front for the Family among the organizations that support them; an ultra-conservative group that opposes fully recognizing the rights of women, LGTBI+ people and that girls and boys receive secular, inclusive and well-founded sexual and gender education.

It would be incorrect to say that this type of support shows the plurality of voices and opinions that this alliance brings together. is wrong because including the voices of those who despise plurality and equality under the pretext of being plural, in addition to being unsustainable, is equivalent to crushing values non-negotiable democracies.

Nor is it valid to argue that the organizations that join Va x México will have no weight if this alliance reaches the government. For example, the FNF has as its only two causes to stop the full recognition of sex and gender equality. For this, they have pressured local congresses and recruited deputies and deputies. It would be naive to assume that with its support for the opposition alliance this organization does not seek, like any other, to advance its agenda to some extent.

Goes x Mexico He has decided to twist the democratic norms to match his process to that of Morena, he decided to remain in the hands of the usual political and economic interests instead of fully opening up to society and it is accompanied by questionable or frankly undemocratic organizations.

Its reason for being, a supposed urgency to save our democracy, then it was buried. And along with her, her real chances of presenting herself as a real alternative to Morena in 2024.

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