Videos |  Mayor of Tijuana shows the home where she will reside inside the military barracks

The mayoress of Tijuana, Montserrat Caballero Ramirezgave a tour of the home located inside a military barracks where you will reside temporarily, due to the threats and harassment received by criminals.

Through a video that was broadcast on social networks, the municipal president He showed the interior of the house that he will live with his son. The property consists of a living / dining room, three bedrooms, an integrated kitchen, a full bathroom and a half bathroom.

Montserrat Caballero showed the room where she will spend the night and the other where her son will sleep. In the third bedroom she set up an office; however, she assured that He only uses it when he has “free time” because he works from the Tijuana City Hall.

Montserrat Caballero

He also celebrated that they allowed him to enter his pet (pet), a pug breed dog.

The mayor also showed the façade of other houses where soldiers reside, whose residences They are located in the 28/o. Infantry Battalion.

In previous days Caballero Ramírez explained that the house where he will reside until further notice it will be in the section of lieutenants and not in the area for generals and high-ranking officers.

At the same time, he added that his stay in that place will be until criminal acts are reduced high impact in his town, where military forces and the National Guard have arrived.

Caballero Ramírez stressed that although her husband is a United States citizen and that he has proposed to settle in that nation, he will not leave because he said “he will not run away” from his position because he has unfinished business.

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The mayor said that there is no clear x-ray on the criminal groups that operate in your municipality and that for this reason the number of municipal elements to combat them is insufficient, with which the presence of federal forces is necessary.

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